Poster Texts

Bruges - Museum Saint Salvatorchurch: Panel with a text by Anthonis de Roovere (as published in Hogenelst and Van Oostrom 'Handgeschreven wereld' (2002))
Bruges – Museum Saint Salvator Church: Panel with a text by Anthonis de Roovere (published in Hogenelst and Van Oostrom (2002), see Bibliography)

Two texts on the wall, left and top centre (published in Queeste (1999, see Further reading: Reynaert)

When you start looking for medieval texts that were not in manuscripts, you realize that there must have been a world of words in the cities of the later Middle Ages. Not only do we find captions to statues, objects and buidlings, but apparently it was common to post longer texts on walls in churches as well. These texts provided usefull information to the readers. The question arrises: how many people could actually read in the Middle Ages? It is one of those questions that will always remain unanswered.In the Geraardsbergen Manuscript we find several examples of poster texts: Text 23 and Text 73.

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