Case Studies

You can choose between four case studies, one for each of the four geographical areas treated in our project:

The German exhibition room centres on two manuscripts collecting late medieval texts on love (Minnereden) and the people surrounding them. Enter the exhibition room.

The Dutch exhibition shows an intriguing codex with a great number of short texts of many different genres one would not expect to find together in one manuscript. The questions as to who wrote this manuscript and who owned it still remain unsolved. In this exhibition we share the most recent scholarly opinions with you. Enter the exhibition room.

The French example is a huge codex, containing a large number of short texts and also a ‘book within a book’, a subsection devoted to one particular author. Various readers have left their traces on the book, some of whom disagreed rather violently about swearwords… Enter the exhibition room.

The English room of the Virtual Exhibition centres on one manuscript in which England and the Continent, Europe and the imagined East all met, as the book evolved and changed over many years. Enter the exhibition room.