Ci commencent li dit Rustebuef…

In contrast to the other poets in BNF fr. 837, Rutebeuf’s texts are deliberately grouped together and presented as his complete corpus. In fr. 837, authorship is rarely referred to in the paratext. However, Rutebeuf’s collection of texts is introduced by the rubric: ‘Ci commencent li dit Rustebuef’ [‘Here begin the works of Rutebeuf’]. The series of thirty-one texts is then concluded by the closing statement ‘Expliciunt tuit li dit Rustebuef’ [Here end all the works of Rutebeuf’].

Which texts were included?

The original rubricator of the manuscript highlights the beginning of the texts by Rutebeuf.
Paris, BNF,  fr. 837, f. 283vb
Reproduced by courtesy of Bibliothèque nationale de France:

The scribe marks the end of ‘all’ Rutebeuf’s texts.
Paris, BNF, fr. 837, f.332va
Reproduced by courtesy of Bibliothèque nationale de France :

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