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Rutebeuf’s work is multifarious; his poems range from accounts of his horse, his wife, his friends and debts, to contemporary politics and satire on the mendicant orders. His texts reflect a variety of genres as diverse as the contents of BNF, fr. 837, including fabliaux, saints’ lives and even an Ave Maria. Waguih Azzam suggests that the organisation of the Rutebeuf section in BNF, fr. 837 corresponds to the way in which the texts are organised in the manuscript as a whole, and could be a key to understanding the logic of this highly disparate and diverse codex.

Here is the list of his works in BNF, fr. 837:

La Vie sainte Elysabel (ff. 283vb-294vb)
Du Soucretain et de la fame au chevalier (ff. 294vb-298va)
Le Miracle de Theophile  (ff. 298va-302va)
La Complainte d’outremer   (ff.302vb-303va)
De Monseignor Gieffroi de Surgines (ff. 303va-304va)
La Griesche d’esté (ff. 304va-305ra)
La Griesche d’yver (f. 305ra-va)
De la damoisele qui fist les III tors entor le moustier (ff. 305va-306va)
De Monseignor Anseau de l’Isle (ff. 306va-vb)
Des Jacobins (ff. 306vb-307ra)
La Descorde de l’Université et des Jacobins (f. 307va-vb)
Le Mariage Rustebuef (ff. 307vb-308va)
La Complainte Rustebuef (ff. 308va-309va)
La Voie de Paradis (ff. 309va-314ra)
Du pharisien ou D’ypocrisie (f. 314ra-va)
Les Ordres (ff. 314va-315ra)
Le Pet au vilain (f. 315ra-rb)
De Brichemer (f. 315va)
De Mestre Guillaume de Saint Amor [=Complainte de Maistre Guilliaume de Saint Amour] (ff. 315va-316va)
La Vie Marie l’Egypciene (ff. 316va-323ra)
La Desputison de Charlot et du barbier (f. 323ra-va)
Les Plaies du monde (ff. 323vb-324rb)
De mestre Guillaume de Saint Amor [=Diz de Maistre Guilliaume de Saint Amor] (ff. 324rb-325ra)
Les Regles (f. 325ra-vb)
La Complainte de Constantinoble (ff. 325vb-326vb)
La Bataille des vices contre les vertuz (ff. 326vb-327vb)
L’Ave Maria Rustebuef (f. 328ra-vb)
Renart le bestorné (ff. 328vb-329va)
De Frere Denise (ff. 329va-331rb)
L‘Estat du monde (ff. 331rb-332rb)
La Mort Rustebuef (f. 332rb-va)

Interestingly in BNF, fr. 837, there is one text by Rutebeuf that escapes the frame of his authorship. Les Ordres de Paris (f. 181ra-vb) appears earlier in the codex and the author is referred to neither in the text or paratext. Why did the compiler not include this text in the specially designated Rutebeuf section on folios 283vb to 332va?

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