Comparing Minnereden

Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin – Preußischer Kulturbesitz (SBB-PK), Ms.germ.qu. 2370

We know the book was a gift – a gift from one noble collector to another. Someone, the giver or the recipient, has done his homework: All the Minnereden were read and, in the 16th century, compared to an existing collection. In some instances a 16th century hand has written corrections on the margin, and it is most likely the same hand that put in other remarks.

Annotation ‘Das hab ich’ in the margin; Berlin (SBB-PK), Ms.germ.qu. 2370, fol. XXX (detail).

Most of the Minnereden in this manuscript have titles, and alongside some of these titles (but not all!) are written remarks like: Den hab ich. Das hon ich, Ich habs – grammatical variations of ‘I’ve got this’ (which probably means ‘I have got this text in other manuscripts in my library’).



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