What the Names Tell Us

All the authors and other individuals named in this manuscript have connections either to the counts of Württemberg or of Königstein-Eppstein, who are themselves related by marriage: Margarethe, sister of Heinrich von Württemberg, named in the Liederbuch, is the wife of Philipp von Eppstein-Königstein, the son of Eberhard III. of Eppstein-Königstein mentioned in Erhard Wameshafft’s ‘Liebe und Glück’. The marriage took place in 1469, Margarethe died only two years later in 1471, so it makes sense to date the mentioning of Heinrich von Württemberg in the ‘Liederbuch’ during the time of courtship or early marriage. This is also a probably date of the Rhenish versions of the works of Hermann von Sachsenheim who was connected to Württemberg, at this time or slightly later. Although we have no written evidence, we now have a time-frame for the production of the individual booklets that fits well with the dating of the watermarks (?).
The question remains why all these separate booklets have been bound together at a later stage. Take a look at some possible answers.

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