The Stories of the Geraardsbergen Manuscript

The story of theĀ Geraardsbergen Manuscript is still not unravelled. Questions such as ‘who was responsible for the compiling the manuscript’, ‘who was the scribe’, ‘who was the first user’ and ‘why were these texts put together’ remain unanswered. Several scholars have attempted to shed light on these questions, but the outcomes of their investigations are surprisingly diverse.

Every codex tells a story? The Geraardsbergen Manuscript tells five!

  1. The story as told by Gerard Sonnemans
  2. The story as told by Robrecht Lievens
  3. The story as told by Joris Reynaert
  4. The story as told by Theo Coun
  5. The story as suggested by Hans Kienhorst in the critical edition

For more details, see: further reading

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