The Contents of the Geraardsbergen Manuscript

The Geraardsbergen Manuscript contains 89 texts.

  1. Gheraetsel – A riddle (f. 103r-103v)
  2. Gheraetsel – A riddle (f. 103v)
  3. ‘Fol est qui fol boute’ (f. 104r)
  4. Gheraetsel – A riddle (f. 104r)
  5. Gheraetsel – A riddle (f. 104r-104v)
  6. Gheraetsel – A riddle (f. 104v)
  7. Gheraetsel – A riddle (f. 104v-105r)
  8. Vele wijsheden – Many good things (f. 105r)
  9. Vele daesheden – Many bad things (f. 105r-105v)
  10. Virtuut van wine – The virtues of wine (f. 105v)
  11. De duecht vanden wine – The virtue of wine (f. 105v-106r)
  12. Van eener dosinen verkeertheden – About a dozen things you can do wrong (f. 106r)
  13. De properheden vanden steden van vlaendren – The characteristics of the Flemish towns (f. 106r- 107v)
  14. Van dinghen die selden gheschien – About things you do not see that often (107v-109r)
  15. Vanden ABC vele abuse der weerelt – The ABC of strange matters in the world (f. 109r-109v)
  16. Van den bonten houdevare – About the colourful stork (f. 109v-110r)
  17. Proverbien – Proverbs (f. 110r-110v)
  18. Regement rual – Regiment ??? (f. 110v)
  19. De properheden vanden perden – The characteristics of horse (f. 111r-111v)
  20. Pour plus sauoir willic my poghen – …. (f.111v)
  21. Van v ghenouchten – Of five delights (f. 111v)
  22. Den wech te roeme – The way to Rome (f. 111v-112v)
  23. Te scriuene vp der stadt huus – To write on the town hall (f. 112v-113r)
  24. Van goeden zeden  – Of good manners (f. 113r)
  25. Om te scrivene in een cleen huus of cleen camere – To write in a little house or a little room (f. 113r – 113v)
  26. In een stal te scrivene – To write in an stable (f. 113v)
  27. Vers vanden vier winden – Verse text about the four winds (f. 113v)
  28. Een vers jeghen gramscip – A verse text against wrath (f. 113v)
  29. A mettre aux aisemens An de heimelicheden – On characteristics (?) (f. 113v)
  30. An een drechoir te stellene – To place on a buffet (f. 113v)
  31. Saint augustijn escript a sa table (f. 114r)
  32. An eenen outhaer – On an altar  (f. 114r)
  33. An onser vrouwen beelde – Beside the sculpture of Our Lady (f.114r)
  34. An dlavoir – On the washbasin (f.114r)
  35. An eenen spieghel scrijft – Write on a mirror (f. 114r)
  36. An de IX beste – To the nine worthies(f.114r)
  37. An de XII ghenoete van vranckerike – To the twelve companions of France (f. 114r-114v)
  38. Neuen thelich sacrament vanden outhare – Next to the holy sacrament of the altar (f. 114v)
  39. Item (f.114v)
  40. Neuen sente cristofels beelde – Next to the sculpture of Saint Christopher (f.114v)
  41. An de beelde van sente gillisse ende den coninc karel te scriuene alsoet te ghent staet te sente veerelden – To write beside the sculpture of Saint Gillis and King Charlemagne as can be found in Ghent at Saint Pharaildis (f.114v)
  42. An dwiwater vat te stellene – To place near the holy-water font (f. 114v)
  43. An tpalais taken staet met guldinen lettren gescreven – At the palace of Aix-la-Chapelle is written in golden characters (f. 114v)
  44. Noch om neven sente cristofels beelde te scrivene –  Some more to write next to the statue of Saint Christopher (f. 115r)
  45. Neven sente joris beelde te londres staet ghescreven in de kercke ten augustinen – Next to the statue of Saint George in the augustinian church in London is written (f. 115r)
  46. Van sente annen gheslachte – Of the house of Saint Anne (f. 115r-116r)
  47. Vander messen – About the mass (f. 116r-116v)
  48.  Noch vander messen – Some more about the mass (f. 116v-117r)
  49. Sente gregoris seit dat elc wijs mensche schuldich te merckene de vier dinghen hier naer volghende – Saint Gregory said that every wise man is obliged to pay attention to the four following things  (f.117r)
  50. Vander messen – About the mass (f. 117v)
  51. Hier naer volghen V uterlike dinghen ende teekene der rechter minnen – Next you’ll find five exterior things and signs of true love (f.117v)
  52. “Och heere wat de ghene verliest” – O lord, what one loses (f. 117v)
  53. Vanden IIII principalen duechden gheheeten cardinale – Of the four principal (or cardinal) virtues (f. 118r)
  54. Van leenene – Of borrowing (f. 118r)
  55. Vanden XII wercken van ontfaermicheden – About the seven Works of Mercy (f. 118v-120or)
  56. Dit mach elc mensche segghen van hem selven –  What every man can say about himself (f. 120or)
  57. Hier naer volcht een exempel om twee parsoene deen jeghen dander te lessenen Deen redene ende dander de broesche mensche – Here follows an example about two people, the one against the other, that is: the one reasonable and the other weak (f. 120v-123v)
  58. Vanden hopper hoeys – Of the haystack (f. 123v-124v)
  59. Gheestelike operatien ende vertroeste vulmaect confort  – Spiritual operations and comforting accomplishes strengthening (f.124v-125r)
  60. “Ware wolf ratte mus duvel doet”  – ?? (f. 125r)
  61. “Sunt tria que vere factiunt me sepe dolore” – ?? (f. 125r)
  62. Lantloepers scrivers machmen gheloeven –  Tramps and writers can be trusted (f. 125r)
  63. “Die al wilt handen dat hem valt te hande” – He, who wants to rule all that he can lay his hands on (f.125v)
  64. Heden te levene ende morghen doot – Alive today, dead tomorrow (f. 125v)
  65. By drien jaien duert den thuun – ?? (f.125v)
  66. Vanden vergiere van zuverheden – About the orchard of purity (f.126r-128v)
  67. Hier naer volcht depistele die sente bernaerd sandt eenen rudder up dbeleet van eenen huuse – Here follows the letter sent by Saint Bernard to a knight about how to manage a house (f. 128v-131v)
  68. Hier naer volcht een exemple ghesonden bi eenen eerweerdeghen joncheere gheheeten jan van hulst an herpercheualen vanden noquerstocque priestre te gheeroudsberghe – Here follows an example sent by an honorable young man, called Jan van Hulst to lord Perceval vanden Noquerstocque, priest in Geraardsbergen (f.131v-132)
  69. Vanden pardoene dat taken es XV daghen lanc beghinnende up der VII ghebroederen dach Xste dach in hoymaent alle VII jaren – Of the absolution you can get in Aix-la-Chapelle for fifteen days, starting on the seven brothers day, tenth day in July, every seven years.(f. 133r-134r)
  70. Van scipioene affricanus – About Scipio Affricanus(f. 134v)
  71. De philosophe platoen – The philosopher Plato (f. 134v)
  72. Item de coninc cirus seide tot sinen kindren dat naer dat”  – King Cyrus told his children that after (f.134v)
  73. Hier naer volcht een verclaers van eener biechten uten walsche in dietsche ghetranslateert de welke biecht meester jan jarcoen compileerde ende dede in elke prochie een copie hanghen te parijs – Here follows an announcement of a French confession translated in Dutch, that was compiled by master Jan Jarcoen and nailed up in every parish in Paris (f. 134v-139v)
  74. Hier volghen eenighe notablen verclaerse om te bat te verstaene hoe de biechte es schuldich ghedaen te sine – Here follow some remarkable announcements to understand better how the confession should be done (f. 139v-141v)
  75. Forma absolutionis sufficiens et requisite pro peccatis (f. 142r)
  76. Vermaninghen ende ghebode die de priesters inden predic stoel te parijs pleghen te kennen te ghevene up den paeschdach – Exhortation and commands that are announced by priests on the pulpit in Paris at Easter Sunday (f. 142r-144v)
  77. Regement oorboorlic ter doot ghecomposeert ende ghemaect int jaer XIIIIc ende XII om wel ende salechlic te stervene bi meester janne jaersoen canseillier tonser vrouwen kercke te paris ghetranslateert in dietsche int jaer XIIIIc ende XXXI – “Instructions on how to die correctly” written and made in the year 1412, to die in a correct and blessed way, by master John Gerson, chancelor of Our Lady’s Church in Paris, translated into Dutch in 1431 (f.144v-148v)
  78. Sente ancelmus anonciert de vraghen ende andwoorden hier na volghende om de ghene die der doot nakende sijn – Saint Anselm proclaims the questions and answers following for the near dead(f.148v-149r)
  79. Van gherechter minnen ende de properheit daer of – Of true love and the appeal of it (f.149v-153r)
  80. Van V lettren dat wijf bediet– About the meaning of the 5 characters in woman (f. 155v-157v)
  81. Bedinghe van onser vrouwen – Prayer of Our Lady (f. 155v-157v)
  82. Stabat mater dolorosa etcetera (f. 157v-158v)
  83. Hier naer volghen de properheden vanden viere complexien ghedicht bi pieteren den brant int jaer XIIIIc ende XXXIII – Here follow the chracteristics of the four temperaments, written in verses by Pieteren den Brant in 1433 (f.159r-160v)
  84. Die verboden daghe vanden jare – The impermissable days of the year (f. 160v-161r)
  85. Vercoren goede daghe dat alle dinghen begonnen commen te goeden affecte – Beloved good days that all things had good effects (f. 161r)
  86. Vanden andren diverschen daghen vintmen gescreven – What one can find written about the other days (f.161v-162r)
  87. Dits deerste dach vanden jare – This is the first day of the year (f.162v-168r)
  88. Pratique om den kalendier up de hant te wetene – A way to operate the calendar (f. 168v-168r)
  89. Hier volghet een goet dicht vanden IX besten ,– Here follows a good verse text about the nine worthies (f. 170v-183v)


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