Jan van Hulst

Jan van Hulst was a writer from Bruges who wrote some texts that ended up in both the Gruuthuse manuscript and in the Geraardsbergen manuscript. In the Gruuthuse manuscript, we find his name in an acrostic in two prayers and a poem, but there are some other texts that may be attributed to him as well. And he may have been the founder of the first chamber of rhetoric in Bruges.

Jan is frequently mentioned in archival documents from Bruges. He was, for example, commissioned to organise a play at Philip the Bold’s visit to the city of Bruges in 1393. And he is known to have organized polyphonic performances in churches.

The text in the Geraardsbergen manuscript is a letter to his friend, the priest and singer Perceval vanden Nocquerstocque. It was a rhymed letter about the loss of loyalty among friends.

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