Perceval vanden Nocquerstocque

One of the most striking names in the Geraardsbergen manuscript is the name of Perceval vanden Nocquerstocque, member of a patrician family. Perceval was a priest in Geraardsbergen and was befriended with Jan van Hulst, who wrote him a rhymed letter about the loss of loyalty among friends. Jan and Perceval probably met through their shared interest in polyphonic music. Jan organized polyphonic performances in churches in Bruges while Perceval had a second career as a singer in polyphonic choirs.

In 1417 Perceval, probably in his late fourties, is mentioned as one of the singers in the Papal Chapel during the Council of Konstanz. As a member of the household of Pope Martinus V, he travelled to Switzerland after the Council had ended. In 1418 the pope resided in Geneva, but had to flee to the mountains when the city was afflicted by the plague. The pope survived, but Perceval was never heard of again.

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